In the Clouds Photography

This is a textbook supercell with rotating updraft, overshooting top, anvil (including backshear), flanking line, and rain-free base.
I wonder if anyone in this Edson, KS graveyard died in a storm-related accident.  Certainly no one was injured by this innoculous passing supercell thunderstorm.
Open farm country stretches out before this LP supercell with a UFO shape.
A wider view of the storm reveals a compact supercell with rotating updraft, sculpted cloud edges comprising the mesocyclone and a clear slot down the back due to the rear flank downdraft (plus the flowers and fence are nice too).
A supercell thunderstorm and mesocyclone in eastern CO in September? Not a common site but this upside-down wedding cake complete with developing wall cloud did not muster a tornado and spared this abandoned homestead.
A very tilted supercell (storm tilts away from me) with mesocyclone spits out a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt. The updraft cumulus cloud also causes a pileus cloud to form at the top.
A low precipitation (LP) supercell acts like a vacuum sucking up dirt into its base about 15 minutes before producing a tornado.
Many supercell thunderstorms dump copious rains and produce an outflow boundary with this roll cloud appearance spreading out ahead of the precipitation.
Crepuscular rays emmanating from the sun through this cloud are actually parallel (synonymous with viewing train tracks which appear to merge at long distance).

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