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The first landspout tornado touched down near Wiley, CO at 1151 MDT;  5 more landspouts formed during the next hour just outside Lamar, CO.
This is the last of 6 landspout tornadoes just south of Lamar, CO around 1245 MDT.
Following the six landspout tornadoes, a more well developed supercell tornado forms only a few miles from the southern edge of Lamar, CO around 1300 MDT.
A more vigorous ground circulation develops with this tornado.
The funnel elongates with time as the tornado moves slowly north - northeast.
The dirt column shows signs of vortex breakdown after five or ten minutes but this tornado lasted fifteen or more minutes before dissipating.
The warning sirens blared in Lamar as this tornado approaches the town.  We viewed it from the east on the southern outskirt of town about two miles from the touchdown location.
The building in the foreground is not in danger as the tornado is over a mile farther away.
Typical summertime cumulus clouds dot the sky behind this tornado.  The funnel cloud narrows to a pencil while moving very slowly toward the town of Lamar, CO.

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