In the Clouds Photography

Porch-side flower boxes full of vibrant flowers are a trademark of Swiss living - the Matterhorn's peak is obscured by passing cloud.
Crown and sword cleaned to a perfect shine; birds are not welcome to rest here as a screen mesh covers this statue.
Vibrant red flowers (not real) made to look like clothing for this statue in front of the fountain.
A beautiful church steeple in a spectacular mountain setting – according to the clock, it appears we passed through town shortly after 10 AM.
Immaculate streets (as well as all public places) is commonplace in Switzerland.
A few shallow clouds partially obscure Churfirsten mountains as a sightseeing boat floats on Walensee Lake.
Outdoor religious frescos were not very common throughout the Swiss countryside; the paint on this structure was relatively new.
The arched, bridge conveniently joins the existing rock in mid-stream – the walkway was the perfect width for two young lovers.
Like a good architect planned, the bridge blends naturally with the existing landscape, particularly from this viewpoint with the arched rock on the right.

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