In the Clouds Photography

A brief glimpse of sunlight touches the red cliffs making them pop out against a mostly gray sky.
Immense rock cliffs crumble into massive boulders over tens of millenia - don't photo from here the next time one comes down.
Fog provides the backdrop for this pine tree in an otherworldly setting.
Deer graze what's left of the vegetation in this meadow below sandstone cliff walls.
Like the planet Mars, red cliffs and rocks dominate the landscape here.
Graceful bent tree and shadow on rock.
I'd like to photo this spot when the rock face is water soaked - imagine the reflection at sunset.
Erosion slowly crumbles away these rock mesas; if covered with snow, these rock pilings would make a great sled run.
Bristlecone pine twisted and deformed barely clinging to life in this desert.

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