In the Clouds Photography

Titanic icebergs are mere specks when seen from 39,000 feet on a Chicago to Paris flight.
Glaciers giving birth to icebergs, sending them into the Atlantic Ocean as seen from 39,000 feet.
Appears as if African and Asian continents (lower tip on right resembles India) were once closer together before the earth's plates shifted apart.
Colorado's state flag emblazens this hot-air balloon amid others in this balloon festival.
Parasailing above extinct volcanoes in the Parc Des Volcans.
Floating softly down from Le Puy de Dome with Clermont-Ferrand in the background.
Lifting off from the flower-covered hillside on Le Puy de Dome.
From this perspective, it looks as if the volcano crater is made for sitting.
Jet fuel burns out of control alongside the runways at Denver's old Stapleton airport.

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